Today begins a fresh story. As I mentioned earlier, there's still a lot of love for my Verden-setting, so I decided to take you on a tour of the life of a Bergewose (also known as a Cave Alp), a small-sized mountain dweller with a real talent for archery.

Another Monday, another story! This week, we get the beginnings of another story set in the Stage’s science fantasy setting, the Spine. This is a story about the Bound, a race of symbiotic, intergalactic beings that migrated to the Spine and conquered large sections of it during the Galactic War.

Today, I give you the beginnings of a story in another setting I’m creating for the Stage (and shortly alluded to here). It’s a story about two reclaimers: mercenaries charged with restoring control on planets or installations that were lost during or in the wake of a Galactic War that shook the known universe.

Throughout the world of Verden roam the Etterkin, men and women whose ancestors were enslaved and warped by the mysterious underground race known as the Etter. These magically apt people are marked by the Glimm, colorful patterns that glow whenever they use magic, and are often feared and hated by normal folk.

In the southern and wild reaches of Adelfán live the Ulder, wild clansmen, hunters, and gatherers who once ruled the entire island, only to be pushed back by the races of men that came later. They live close to the Alps and the Gettefolk, and they often ally with the Wodewose (or Wood Alps) and the Wodegette when hunting Hulderfolk.

The Wodegette are a race of Gettefolk that live in the forests and hills of Verden. To humans, these caprine giants appear as tall, upright walking goat-people, and they are feared and respected for their formidable strength. But they are more than just strong: the Wodegette are hunters and gatherers that share a close connection with the spirits of the wild and the forests.

The Oestefolk are the masters of the continent of Oest. From their mighty cities of stone and iron, they send missionaries, templars, and warriors across the world to spread their influence and the worship of the One God, Damas of the Dagger.

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