I am nearly done rewriting the Stage’s core material, a project I began in late January of this year. I think I can do one final update before I make the new rulebook available on this website for playtesting!

Read the previous development update here!

The fate of Rituals

In the previous supernatural rules of the Stage, Rituals were used to enchant items. They took hours to perform, required a sacrifice, and needed to be performed by two or more spellcasters. Their mechanics (and the mechanics of enchanted items) were quite complex.

In the end, Rituals didn’t stand the test: they were not interesting during playtesting--perhaps even a bit intimidating, and people steered away from them. So I decided to replace them with something easier and something more accessible: Enchantments.


Enchantments are relatively simple means to imbue an item with a spell. Through Enchantments, items can either:

  • Be imbued with a spell, which allows the wielder to cast that spell several times until the item runs out of charges (think of a “Wand of X” or a “Staff of Y”); or
  • Be imbued with a permanent active or passive effect (think of a ring or bracelet that grants a bonus to your attacks or skill checks).

Enchantments are fairly easy to perform and are accessible early on in the game. The only limitations are i) that enchanters need the vital energy of a sacrifice to imbue an item (something they may have mixed feelings about); and ii) that characters are limited in how many enchanted items they can control.

This is a new mechanic, so it’s going to have to be tested before I can say anything conclusive about it. However, the mechanic does appear to be simpler than that of Rituals. This is in itself a good thing: item crafting and enchanting are not the main focus of the Stage, but rather a facilitating component; their mechanics should not distract from the rest of the game.

The way forward

As I said, I’m nearly done: I’ve worked out all the detailed descriptions of spells and enchantments. Additionally, work on the tables and examples is--apart from some minor tweaking--finished. All of this was quite a bit of work (about half of the book), but it was fun to do, and the clear-cut process and use of templates has made things significantly easier for me.

I’ve now arrived at the editing stage. After that, I’ll get to proofreading. I’m fairly sure all of this will be done by July, after which playtesting may commence!

Want to discuss? Let me know, here!

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