Work on the core material is progressing nicely. It’s time for another quick update to share where I’m at and to have a quick look at the new book’s layout!

Read the previous development update here!

Cutting chapters

After some careful consideration, I’ve decided that Chapters 2 and 3 of the Core Rulebook and 2 of the Supernatural Rulebook will not be a part of the new core material. These are the chapters in both books called “Basics” and “A game with friends”.

I wrote the chapter on basics because I received feedback that the description of the game mechanics was too complicated. I don’t know why, but apparently I thought it was a good idea to remedy that by adding another chapter that describes the “basics” of the Stage’s mechanics in a way that falls just short of enabling any sort of understanding.

I think I made this unfortunate choice because I was at the time reluctant to completely rewrite the mechanics. And to be fair, I wasn’t at that stage at the time. However, I am now; the chapter on game mechanics has been rewritten: it is short enough as it is and it will serve.

As for the chapters on “a game with friends”, the idea was to give a compelling introduction to the Stage that doubles as a promotion for some of the settings. It’s a nice idea, but it’s really something I should do in the quickstart guides that I plan on writing once playtesting is finished. The Core Rulebook should be just that: core rules.


While I received some great feedback on the previous books' layout from laymen, actual designers tarred and feathered me when they saw it. That doesn’t surprise me; I’m not a graphic designer and graphic design is definitely something I’ve not invested a lot of time in yet.

So I took their feedback and made a new layout. I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible. I also moved away from Microsoft Publisher; it’s probably great for making brochures, but it’s not so good for making books. In fact, every option I need (and more) is included in Microsoft Word as well, which--while not a favorite for graphic designers as far as I’m aware--works for me.

While the current layout is by no means the definitive result, I am pretty happy with how it looks (I’m a sucker for purple and the Courier family of fonts). So I decided to share it here for feedback. (Hit me up if you have some!)

Click here to download the layout preview!
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