I’m in the fifth week of redoing the core material. Another quick update is in order to demonstrate where I’m at and to track my progress! (Check out the previous updates here and here!)

As discussed, this remake of the core material serves to:

  • Codify all the new rules, tweaks, and amendments that were developed through playtesting; and
  • Combine the Core Rulebook and the Supernatural Rulebook into one; and
  • Rewrite the rules in the interest of clarity and brevity; and
  • Rewrite and expand the Powers, Spells, and Rituals.

As it stands, the first three goals have been achieved in first draft. That leaves me with Powers, Spells, and Rituals. . .


I've finished a rough sketch of all the Powers that the Stage will need! I even have a few surplus Powers that give me some back-up options.  However, I know from experience that once I start writing down the detailed mechanics, stuff will come up and things will need to change, so by no means can I say the work on this is finished: I’ve laid down a foundation, but it may well be wobbly and require further solidifying.

Working out all the detailed mechanics has previously taken several full days and I expect it will be no different this time around. Real world obligations (don't you just hate them?) may interfere with this process from time to time so I’m not sure how quickly I’ll be able to finish this.


Writing new Spells is proving to be a bit more challenging than I had expected it to be. While I’m having fun coming up with new Spells, it may be that my plans are too ambitious and will need to be toned down a little down the road, but for now I am continuing down the path I have taken.

And that path is pretty cool. . . I am making four spells for every Skill level, which is one more Spell per Skill level than we had. Also, I am a very big fan of the concept of compound Spells and I believe I can expand on this idea quite a bit. In fact, I am going to make six levels of compound spells as well (up from one), just as there are six levels of regular Spells.

All in all, this means that every Supernatural skill level acquired offers access to a) four Spells specifically associated with that Supernatural skill and b) five compound Spells that combine with another Supernatural skill for an enhanced effect. The grand total number of Spells will then be 234.


Of course, this revamping process leaves me with a whole bunch of practically useless Rituals based on Spells that no longer exist. So these, too, will need to be rewritten. That's okay, because I didn't like them very much, anyway. . . I want to come up with a way to simplify the Rituals, so that their description will basically come down to “Spell A, but then as an enchantment on an item.” I feel a quick and easy way to do that may come to me while writing the Spell mechanics. If not, I’ll spend some more time thinking about it. I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

And after that?

Once the Spells, Powers, and Rituals are done, the new rulebook will be done in first draft. That will mark the beginning of the grand edit-fest. This, too, I know from experience will take a while. I want to finish this before we start playtesting, because it has proven to be quite cumbersome to playtest with a constantly updating ruleset.

That's it for now! Suggestions, questions, love, hate? Contact me here!

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