During our previous session of playtesting, we noticed that the Stage has no rules on how to deal non-lethal damage. We didn’t really miss those rules during the past years, because taking prisoners is apparently quite rare on the Stage so far.

However, it will be good to have some simple rules on how to knock characters out, just in case players might want to spare someone (who knows why). So I came up with the following:

Non-lethal attack

Characters can perform a Non-lethal attack. Non-lethal attacks deal Body damage to Stamina points only. Once a character’s Stamina points have been reduced to 0 through Non-lethal attacks or whenever a character with 0 Stamina points receives Body damage from a Non-lethal attack, the character is knocked out. A knocked out character will remain unconscious for 1d hours.

Performing a Non-lethal attack with the Brawl (attack) skill is a regular attack that costs 1 AP. Performing a Non-lethal attack with the Close combat skill costs 2 AP and the attacker does not receive any Bonus from his weapon. Non-lethal attacks with the Athletics (throw) skill and the Ranged combat (attack) skill cost 2 AP and can only be performed with special weapons or ammunition.

This should be a relatively simple and hopefully elegant solution for the rare occasions that people want to take prisoners. It also gives me some room to customize weapons and introduce stuff like blackjacks, dum-dum ammunition, tranquilizer darts and all other kinds of good stuff.

Feedback? Let me know, here!!

Impact Assessment

This should be introduced in the Core Rulebook along with the special attacks on page 47.

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