Great news: the new beta version of the Core Rulebook is online: out with the old and in with the new!

It’s been quite the ride, but the new Core Rulebook is finally here. A lot of things have changed:

  • There is now only one book: the old Core and Supernatural Rulebooks have been compiled into a single book.
  • It’s shorter: the new Core Rulebook is about a third shorter than the other two books combined. It makes for an easier read, too, thanks to more clear and concise writing.
  • More powers: there are over 432 powers to choose from to customize your character (up from 144 in the previous edition).
  • More spells: characters can learn any of the 234 spells (up from 129).
  • Enchantments: the rituals have been replaced with enchantments, an altogether simpler mechanic.
  • And lots more!

I am quite happy with the result. The book conveys the rules more clearly and presents a much more integrated system than the old books did. Magic on the Stage has matured to something playable and fun, and new powers and spells give customization options that character progression previously lacked, which makes the Stage more replayable and more fun.

Now, the playtesting can finally begin again!

I have two groups lined up: both play in my Verden-setting (read some stories or campaign logs if you’re interested) as the Spine is not quite ready for playtesting yet. One group will play in the traditional Verden-theater that is loosely based on the Baltic sea, while the other will play in a new theater loosely based on the Black Sea.

Of course, I’ll post campaign logs and updates to keep track of our progress.

If you’re keen on getting in on this and running a group of your own, the new Core Rulebook is here and it’s free. You’ll need supplemental material, which I can provide for free if you drop me a line. All I ask is you keep me updated: let me know what works, what doesn’t, what’s cool, and what’s dumb. But most of all: have fun!

Questions or comments? Congratulations? Stuff? Let me know, here!

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