It’s time for a bit of personal news that affects where the Stage is going, literally and figuratively!

A while ago, I quit my day job as a lawyer. That was a big thing for me to do, but it was time. I now focus on writing and game design exclusively, and I am a happier man for it.

As you may have read on this website, I’m a Dutchman living in Manchester. My job was my link to the UK, and although I love this place (and always will), there really isn’t a lot keeping me here anymore. So back to the Netherlands we go. Lucky for me, the rain is just as wet on the other side of the North Sea.

So what does this mean for the Stage?

I expect to spend most of this month moving house and taking care of all the stuff that comes with an international move. This will push back the release of the new Core Rulebook, hopefully to no later than end of August/early September. Playtesting will begin once I’ve finished work on it. In the meanwhile, keep an eye on this site for news and Lore & Tales, which will continue to update on Mondays.

By the way, if you’re interested in doing a playtesting run, let me know; I will happily set you up with some material!

Burning questions, love, hate? Let me know, here!

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