On 12 December, we played the second session on the Stage in the setting of Verden. We tested some new rules on the Defense skill and some upgraded rules on equipment, which served to reduce 1) Encumbrance points; and 2) the massive Bonuses to damage and the relatively high B/A/D’s for some weaponry. Overall, I think it was a success, and much fun was had.

On 8 November, we played our first session on the Stage in the setting of Verden. Exciting times for me, as a lot of my new material is being tested. As most of us are in different countries, we played using Skype and—aside from some minor technical issues—we managed to play for about eight hours straight with very few interruptions. However, Skype has this annoying setting where it allocates priority to some participants on the call, meaning those people always overrule others when someone else speaks. While it would be great if I could do that in real life, it’s kind of annoying when playing.

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