Last time, the guildmembers defeated the bandits that had been terrorizing Aberford’s merchants. David was wounded during the battle, but Acolyte Rowan healed him. Now, our heroes seek to repay the kindness...

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Day 20

After a good night's rest, the players head to the Temple to speak to Brother Treyfusis to ask if there’s anything they can assist with in return for Acolyte Rowan’s help with healing David.

Brother Treyfusis of the Temple confides to the guildmembers his most troubling secret: the Lightcrystal that is powering the Temple's weekly ceremony has lost its luster: no beneficial energies are channeled to the congregation. As this threatens the religious and social order of Aberford, Treyfusis has sent for monks from the Monastery-at-the-Peaks, the animism specialists of the Church, to come and perform a purifying ritual at the Temple. However, it has come to his attention that the dispatched monks, Abran and Padrick, are stuck in the small town of Dale, near a large marshland, and are unable to travel farther. Our heroes our quick to offer their help to Brother Treyfusis: they will head for Dale and relieve the stranded monks.

Day 21-23

The players decide to set out on the morrow but not before consulting the map of the north they had acquired earlier. They find out that there are two ways to Dale: a long, partially off-road route and a direct path through the northern marshes. They decide to opt for the latter, which looks shorter, and make enquiries along the way.

During their journey to Dale they pass, in order: the ancient and long abandoned ruins of a stone watchtower, the hamlet of Hullyway (where they meet public house keeper Johan and alderman Gerhart over a few beers), and the town of Brent's Rest. In Brent’s Rest, our heroes learn from Constable Waynard that the town's livelihood is threatened: merchants and peddlers from the north-west are being ambushed in the marshlands by--normally docile--frog-men, the Bullywugs. The Silver Street Guild spots an opportunity for more lucre and agree with Constable Waynard that they will be paid if they manage to (partially or fully) restore the peace.

After traveling through the marshes for the better part of the day, the group is set upon by a group of small but vicious frog-like men wielding spears and crude javelins. Battle ensues.

Battle details

Although the Bullywugs have about 80 fewer Character Points than our heroes, they had the advantage in numbers and three additional circumstantial advantages: they are native inhabitants of the swampy marshlands and therefore only use one AP for movement in contrast to the player-characters, who need to use two AP; furthermore, the Bullywugs are extremely acrobatic and can spend their Agility (dodge) action jumping directly over their enemies, giving them a lot of freedom of movement; finally, as the players found out during the battle, the Bullywugs can regenerate their stamina by spending 3 AP partially submerged in the marshes.

In the end, the players managed to overcome the Bullywugs mainly by sticking to the road (where they could fight the frogmen on equal footing) and not being suckered into following retreating javelin throwers into the marsh during combat. They defeat the Bullywugs without serious injury.

As evening falls, our heroes must now decide how to continue their two missions.

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