On the 12th of June we played another session of the Silver Street Guild campaign; one of the last sessions (if not the last) using the old rulebooks. My friend Thomas, our Game Master, was kind enough to write up a campaign log.

You can find the log of the first session here (including some background on the setting and the characters and an awesome drawing of the party) and the log of the previous session here.

Technical issues

We gave Roll20 another shot. Unfortunately, we experienced the same problem as we did during the previous sessions, even though everyone had gone through the troubleshooting procedures. This is strange; the reviews for Roll20 are good, but it just doesn’t seem to do the trick for us. We switched to Skype and experienced no further difficulties.

Day 6

The guild members still need to get more members of the Aldermen Council on their side in order to secure permission for their Silver Street Guild to permanently settle in Aberford. They decide to throw a party to celebrate their guild’s recent success and to draw some attention to the Guild.

Tirin and Rolland invite several familiar faces (including town guards and Fendrel the trader), and Cesper goes to the temple to invite the local clergy (Brother Treyfusis and his acolyte Rowan) and several temple-goers (including a middle-aged woman named Thea). Tirin and Rolland also pay a visit to Jonas, a farmer and member of the Aldermen Council. He receives them cordially but is rather stand-offish on the topic of the Council.

Guy stays at the Guild Hall to recover from his wounds. So does David, who sets about designing an archery range in the Guild Hall’s backyard so that he may school the locals and make a bit more of a name for the Guild.

Cesper also identifies the Wolfkin’s charm: it contains the spirit of a deer and grants the wearer +1 Vitality and +1 Stamina. He also manages to distill some of the Crawlmoss they found into a potion that restores Stamina. The guild members decide to let warrior Rolland have the charm.

Bartholomeus, Fendrel the merchant, Thea, and many of the town guards show up at the party. Thea is accompanied by her husband, a big, bald, gluttonous man named Derek. Derek is Maester of the Aberford brewers and coincidentally one of the Aldermen whose vote the guild members still need.

Tirin starts the party off with a riveting speech that is well received by all. Spirits are further raised by a tour of the trophy room, where it becomes apparent that--although everybody in town has tall tales to tell--nobody has recently seen anything like the Wolfkin whose head the Guild has brought home. The evening is further filled with the antics of Mavis the bear and an impressive archery display by David Wincher.

Day 7

The day after the party, the guild members tally the votes of the Aldermen Council they feel they can count on. Rolland and Tirin, who seem to be slowly taking on leadership of the Guild, assess that they can count on the support of both Bartholomeus and Treyfusis. The guild members decide it is time to focus on securing the craftsmen's vote by visiting Maester Derek. They sell some of their loot at the marketplace and use the proceeds to purchase a bottle of fine wine for Derek.

Bottle in hand, Tirin and Cesper visit Derek. Derek receives them and thanks them for their gift. He tells them he enjoyed the party and is pleased that the Guild helped his friend Griswald the Innkeeper. When pressed, he reveals that another friend of his, Hal the Ale Merchant, has had some recent troubles. Tirin and Cesper set out to meet Hal.

They find Hal with a black eye and a bump on his forehead at his house. Hal relates that he was recently robbed while moving goods to the nearby village of Westrich: the highwaymen knocked him unconscious, took his wares, and abducted his helpers. He complains that the Aberford Aldermen Council has so far not managed to stop the string of robberies caused by these bandits.

Tirin and Cesper offer the Guild’s help. Some haggling ensues, but in the end it is agreed that the Guild will assist Hal, who will pay one gold piece up front and two more on successful recovery of his wares.

The guild members decide that they will acquire a cart and a donkey as a decoy and set out for Westrich in the hopes that the robbers will come out to ambush them. They ask Hal to act as if he commissioned them. They also request he informs all the people he normally informs before setting out to Westrich.

Day 8

The guild members make for Westrich.

Thomas’s comments

All in all, this was a slow-paced, but rewarding session as it gave some of the players the chance to develop their characters through interaction with the townsfolk. I am running into the issue that online sessions seem to require a bit more effort to keep focused and moving forward, both on the part of the players and of the GM. But it is all we can do for now, so I am trying to make the most of it. Any tips on how to improve online role-playing sessions are welcome here!

Quentin’s comments

First, thanks again to Thomas for writing this campaign log! Much obliged! And thanks for the fun session, as well. It was role-play heavy, but that’s a good thing!

It is likely that this was the last (or penultimate) session using the first version of the playtesting rulebooks, seeing as the new version will soon be finished. I look back on a good run and look forward to testing the new material.

In terms of the day’s findings, there seems to be some confusion as to Vitality, Stamina, Body levels, and the way they interact. The players receive bonuses from sleeping in their Guild Hall in the form of extra Stamina, Vitality, Will, or Spirit--depending on the way we furbished the Guild Hall (a really cool mechanic, by the way). One player suggested that if players receive a bonus to both Stamina and Vitality, it would make more sense to grant a bonus to Body level instead (an increase in Body level automatically constitutes a corresponding increase in Stamina and Vitality).

While this indeed makes sense at first glance, Body level (like Skill levels) is not meant to be increased 'artificially' (i.e. by powers or abilities). Body level is always equal to a character's total skill levels in Body skills (such as Agility, Athletics, Guile, or Close Combat); Skill levels cannot be increased by powers or abilities, so basically the only way to get a higher Body level is by spending Character points to purchase new Skill levels.

Anyway, game mechanics aside, it was another great session and I’m looking forward to the next one! As some of our migratory patterns may soon overlap, chances are that an at least partially face-to-face session may once again be on the agenda, which is reason for me to rejoice!


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