Previously, our heroes were sent to the Gladiator Moon. There, they will have to fight other prisoners until death...

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After an hour’s ride, the telekinetic vehicle that carries our heroes to the arena passes through a large gate in a concrete wall. The guard tells our heroes to get off, then has the driver throw them a large duffel bag. The guard also leaves behind two guns and tells our heroes that if they follow the wall west, they will come upon a place where the barbed wire on the top has been removed. They can climb over the wall there. Once over, they should ford the river and will eventually come upon a small village. There, they will be free. Our heroes, dumbfounded with unexpected help, thank the guard. He says, ‘with the compliments of Corporal Green,’ removes their magic-annulling collars (even Byzi’s) and departs.


This was one of the story’s many weak points: why would the guard not just release them before they entered the gate? Or better yet: drive them to the village himself. It couldn’t have been because of the cameras and satellites watching, because if that was a problem he wouldn’t have been able to give them the supplies either.

I suppose it would have made more sense if he had stashed the supplies somewhere and told our heroes where to find them. The players were happy enough with the supplies and the tip to let it pass, I guess. Or maybe it was fridge logic.

Moving on.

After having gone through the supplies (food, two autoblasters, two blasters, some chest armor, and an axe to clear foliage or split skulls depending on who wields it), our heroes first decide to get their bearings. They study their surroundings and find they are in a large walled-off part of a jungle. After a while, Liam can say with certainty that the moon provides daylight for twenty hours, then darkness for sixty. If they want to get out of this arena before it’s dark; they should move.

As they proceed through the jungle, they hear shots fired somewhere to their right. They assume it’s a clash of some of the gladiators and decide to continue with care.

Liam, who is on point, spots a small square building in the distance. Our heroes decide to deviate somewhat from their course to see if there’s anything of interest in the building. Liam goes first: he carefully makes his way up to the structure, presses up against the wall, and peeks around the corner to see if there’s anything strange. Liam notices a bush that seems, well, off, in a way. He motions the others to come up, and when he looks again, there are now five such bushes. Our heroes have no idea what they’re looking at, until Byzi’s exceptionally sharp senses tell him these are camouflaged creatures.

Sharp Eye

Byzi made very creative use of the Sharp Eye power (see Core Rulebook, page 117), which allows him to learn the Body, Mind, or Soul level of whatever he’s watching. Since objects don’t have Body, Mind, or Soul levels (unless they’re robots), you’ll know if you’re looking at a living thing and thus a threat right away, despite camouflage or disguises.

This was very creative and an unintended and unforeseen use of the Sharp Eye power. I’ll need to do some thinking to see if I want the Sharp Eye power to be used in this way.

Shortly after Byzi has determined these things are organisms, the strange bushes rise to reveal tall, ostrich-like creatures with sharp beaks. They are about the size of shepherd dogs and have long tails with feathers remarkably similar to foliage that they can drape around themselves to make them appear as bushes. They attack, cawing as they come.

Battle details

The creatures, affectionately referred to as ‘chickens’, were not much of a threat. There were five of them, each with 580 Character Points, but no combat skills above level 1. Byzi, Liam, and Oberth are all at 680, and some have combat skills at skill level 3.

The players made short work of the chickens. Liam has by now settled into his role as ‘tank’, taking to the front and drawing the attention away from the weaker Byzi and Oberth, who are much better with ranged weaponry. Since Liam also specializes in close combat, he was the excellent match for the chickens.

There was some discussion about attempting to tame one, but unfortunately none of the beasts survived.

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