Previously, our heroes daringly escaped from prison facility BIG-16 during a Symbiont outbreak, but they’re not out of the woods yet...

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The shuttle our heroes boarded takes off from BIG-16, and Byzi, Liam, and Oberth catch their breaths in the airlock, their heroic escape from the asteroid and the terrible Symbionts still sinking in.

Two soldiers have made it out of the hangar with them. One of them removes his helmet, still breathing heavily. He is a human, a natural one for as far as anyone can tell. He introduces himself as Corporal James Green and thanks Oberth, Byzi, and Liam profoundly for their help in the hangar: they saved his life and that of the other surviving soldier. He asks them who they are and, assuming by the EVA suits our heroes confiscated that they are personnel and not prisoners, where on BIG-16 they were stationed.

Byzi makes up a story about their being stationed in the laboratory; they’re not allowed to say much more due to the secret nature of what goes on in the laboratory. Corporal Green nods understandingly and then goes to the airlock terminal to request entry into the shuttle. As he does, he recites his personnel registration number, and Oberth carefully memorizes it.

Everyone is admitted entry into the shuttle. Our heroes and the two surviving soldiers meet with one of the ship’s officers, Ensign Vanderbilt, who tells them they can bunk anywhere, but are supposed to give him a heads-up if they do catch some shut-eye, since the shuttle does not have enough bunks for all its passengers. Our heroes confirm and then quickly make their way to one of the bunks to change out of their EVA suits. They stuff their prisoner jumpsuits in a pillowcase and dress in clean navy fatigues, hoping to conceal their true identities as prisoners.

After this, Byzi and Liam decide to get some rest; they inform Ensign Vanderbilt that they’ll use a bunk, and then go to sleep. Ensign Vanderbilt consents but tells them they’ll need to get to the upper deck to have their identities verified. Byzi and Oberth promise they’ll do it first thing once they’re awake, which is good enough for Ensign Vanderbilt.

Oberth, however, is happy to be on a spaceship once again. He decides to roam around a bit, and is eager to have a look at the cockpit and meet the Captain. He finds his way to the upper deck and requests access to the cockpit, which is granted. He meets the Captain, who pays him no mind, and a younger man, Lieutenant Sanchez, who seems more open to conversation. He and Oberth talk for a while, and Lieutenant Sanchez is keen to find out more about what happened on the asteroid. Finally, when the conversation draws to its end, Lieutenant Sanchez asks Oberth if he can quickly scan his implant to verify his identity. It should only take a moment...

Oberth agrees and extends his wrist. The Lieutenant runs a scan, frowns, tries again, and then asks Oberth for his name. Oberth says he is Corporal Green and gives the registration number he had heard Corporal Green recite earlier. The young Lieutenant doesn’t believe him, draws his sidearm, and alerts the Captain. The Captain asks for Oberth’s registration number again, and Oberth again recites Corporal Green’s number. The Captain says, ‘You’re a little short for a pan-colonial’, and has him arrested (Oberth is a nomad; they have an average height of about five feet, whereas pan-colonials are six to seven feet tall).

Lieutenant Sanchez escorts Oberth to the brig. Moments later, Byzi and Liam are awakened by Lieutenant Sanchez and three guards, scanned, and subsequently arrested and brought to the brig. Our heroes share a brief moment of frustration at the renewal of their captivity, but their trials and tribulations on the asteroid have left them tired. They decide to sleep; whatever will come next, they can only benefit from rest.

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