Last time, our heroes ventured into the caves on the north beach of Svarttand to finally face the Konetyven in their own lair. As they made their way through the caves, our heroes were beset upon by several strong and ancient Konetyven. Our heroes dispatched them and now stand among their bodies...

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All the Konetyven lie dead, and our heroes search their remains for anything useful. One of the Konetyven wore many charms and necklaces, most of them made of human teeth and bones, and was older than the others. He was probably their leader, but the players are unsure if it is Yalder, the now centuries-old offspring of the demon Eris. It remains unclear if our heroes truly managed to defeat the Konetyven. And there is no trace of the demon seeress Eris.

What follows is a witch hunt. Our heroes explore the remainder of the caves, finding only a shaft that leads down to the underground lake they explored earlier (see this campaign log), which explains how the Konetyven made their way from the caves to the keep. They then head out onto the north beach to look for additional caves. When that search yields nothing, they proceed to open the remainder of the sarcophaguses in the catacombs below Svarthold Keep. Increasingly frustrated, they return to the bower in Svarthold Keep where they were locked for a short while by what they believed to be Olwyn the Blood-Red’s ghost (see this campaign log). However, when they reach the room, it is completely empty: all the furniture and items that were there earlier have vanished.

The players dwell on this for a while: perhaps the apparition is gone now that they have killed the leader of the Konetyven. They agree that they will stand watch outside the keep tonight; if the apparition does not appear again and they see no lights in the keep, they will consider that a sign that the haunting is over and their mission a success.

Since it is already dark out, our heroes take position outside the courtyard and wait. Wisse makes a quick run back to the house to get some food and drink. At the house, Captain Halvhand asks him what he’s up to. Wisse ignores his questions. Slighted by Wisse’s behavior, Captain Halvhand blocks the doorway and demands an explanation. Wisse tells him what has happened so far and explains they plan to spend the night outside of the courtyard and watch the keep. Captain Halvhand emphasizes that he will leave in the morning, with or without them, and then lets Wisse leave.

After Wisse has left the food supplies with his allies, he returns to the house of the little girl who he tricked earlier into ‘finding’ the silver bracelet (see this campaign log). He sneaks into the building and begins searching for the piece of jewelry.

However, as he goes through the personal belongings of the girl and her family, he hears an explosion outside. The others hear it, too. They climb to a vantage point to see what has happened. They can make out lord Bjorn Lodesonn’s manor on the eastern part of town: it has burst into flame. As our heroes watch the flames consume the house at an alarming speed, another house erupts into flame, and then another...

Panic breaks out in the village: the people of Svarttand flee from their houses to the docks as more and more houses around them burst into flame.

Our heroes, joined by Wisse, quickly make their way to the docks, where those few who own a ship (Ennvild, Sjalla, and Captain Halvhand) are preparing to set sail. Lorin, however, stays behind. He wants to see what is happening and relies on his Shift spell (see Core Rulebook, page 184 and 185) to teleport down to the docks should it get too hot under his feet.

When the clouds overhead part, our heroes and the villagers see a graceful, swirling trail of fire high in the skies above. It is a line of glowing light that circles above Svarttand. Terror strikes the hearts of the villagers, and they rush aboard the three ships, even going so far as to retrieve a damaged hull, barely seaworthy, from a hangar, and tying it to another ship to create more room.

The players, too, are quick to board Halwr's Spear. All around them, the island begins to shake on its foundations; nearly the entire village is now alight. Lorin, however, still stands near the keep, his eyes fixed on the mountain, which is now no longer bursting flame, but rather steam.

Then, just before the steam and smoke completely obscure the mountain, Lorin sees hundreds, perhaps thousands, of black figures crawl up from the ruins of the guard tower--a mass of dark, hunched shapes, climbing down the mountain as if they were ants bursting out of a disturbed anthill. Lorin teleports down to the ships and aids Captain Halvhand as he cuts the ropes and pushes off into open sea, followed by the other ships.

Behind them, Svarttand is shrouded in mist, smoke, and fire as Lorin explains what he saw in his last minute on the island. Captain Halvhand suggests they sail for the great city of Sorwic, as quick as the wind may carry them.

Another fun session! Everyone was rewarded 80 Character Points, bringing the total to 740 Character Points.

As with the Deniza campaign and the Silver Street campaign, it is now obvious that the new Core Rulebook really offers a lot of fun ways to customize characters and their abilities through both powers and spells. I’m pretty happy with this! There’s still a few things that I noticed, though:

Lessons learned:

  • Wisse made use of the Push spell (see Core Rulebook, page 178), which allows the caster to perform a push/trip attack (see Core Rulebook, page 27). The description of the push/trip attack on page 27 is unclear on what options a defender has when so attacked. I’ll have to clarify that.
  • Enchantment prerequisites need rebalancing; they are too high, thus making it impossible for most players to use them. That is not the intention of enchantments.
  • I do not find the leveled check fun outside of combat. It is probably not necessary to have this mechanic in the game. I may consider introducing an incremental success system instead.

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