We recently played the fifth session of our Silver Street Guild campaign. My friend Thomas was kind enough to write up another campaign log...

Last session, the party went bandit hunting on the Aberford-Westrich road. They came up with a simple ruse: they set out from Aberford with a wagon with most of them hidden under the cover, hoping the bandits would think the wagon an easy target and reveal themselves...

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Day 8-12

The first two days on the Aberford-Westrich road are quiet enough. One the third day, our heroes chance upon a lone man standing against a tree. When the players approach him, he tells them he’s a “toll man”: if they want to pass, they have to pay. Tirin steps forward, drawing his Elvendagger, and the group is set upon by bandit bowmen who were hiding among the trees that line the road.

Battle details

None of the players had rolled high enough Perception skill checks to spot the archers, who had hidden behind trees and had laid down several trunks along the road to bar any who might try to advance towards them. As such, the players were ambushed (see Core Rulebook, page 22), which meant the bandits automatically won initiative. They fired at Tirin, who sustained minor injuries, and the players began at a considerable disadvantage.

In the ensuing battle, however, the bandits’ ambush advantage and fortified position was quickly negated by our heroes: David Wincher made effective use of his new Crippling Shot power (see Core Rulebook, page 84); Guy the Woodsman hurled himself over the trunk barrier with a perfect Athletics skill check and forced some of the archers to drop their ranged weapons and engage him in hand-to-hand combat; Rolland’s expert swordplay and Tirin’s skill with his Elvendagger overcame the bandit leader with ease; and Cesper the Mage unleashed an hitherto unrevealed destructive spell: Immolate (see Core Rulebook, page 164-165) that caused some bandits to combust.

There was a nasty surprise when a single bowman tried to flank Cesper by sneaking around the wagon. However, Mavis the bear was still hiding in the wagon. She leaped out and tore the man to pieces even before Cesper could realize he was in danger. The bandits break rank and fly, and Tyrin and Rolland give chase and incapacitate the last of them.

The group takes the three surviving bandits captive and returns to Aberford. Back home, they deliver the bandits to Captain Bartholomeus and report to Hal the Ale Merchant. He is happy with their progress so far, and they spend a pleasant evening at his house, having been invited for dinner. Afterwards, they return to the guild hall for some much needed rest.

Day 13

Rolland is the first to rise the following day. He goes for a stroll outside and finds a young boy named Marcus practicing archery with a self-made bow at the archery range David set up earlier. Rolland asks the boy what he’s doing in their yard, and the boy tells him he just likes to shoot. The players decide to let the lad hang around, and David ends up teaching him a thing or two about archery. After breakfast, Rolland, Tirin, and Cesper return to the captain of the town guard, Bartholomeus, to report their capturing the bandits. Guy remains at the guild hall to prepare new trail rations while David sleeps off his usual hangover.

When our heroes meet with captain Bartholomeus, they learn that the bandits they captured belong to the crew of Jorn the Ghost, a notorious robber baron in the North. The bandits were part of one of Jorn's mobile outposts, set up to ambush merchants on the road. Bartholomeus considers it unlikely that they were alone, and--since three nights have passed since the players captured them--the remaining bandits probably moved camp after they noticed their comrades didn’t return. The group figures it may still be worth the effort to continue the investigation. They realize, however, that the Aldermen's meeting during which the fate of their guild in Aberford will be decided, is only two days away, leaving not enough time for another expedition. In the end, they decide that the group spokesperson Tirin will remain in Aberford and attend the Aldermen’s meeting. He will attempt to rejoin the group afterwards. The other guildmembers make for Westrich once more.

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