Previously, our heroes scaled the wall around the arena and once again escaped the clutches of the Monarchy. Now, they need to get off this prison planet.

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From their vantage point atop the wall, our heroes see a river to the west. Upstream on the far bank of the river lies a small town. Our heroes agree the town is their best chance, and the best way to get there is to cut straight to the river and follow its west bank upstream. They estimate it should take them about a day’s march, the larger part of it through a jungle.

First things first: they need to get down. Luckily, they still have a rope hanging from the wall. Byzi looks up to where he imagines the satellites that are recording them for the Monarchy’s entertainment are. He screams, ‘Here I am! And I’m coming for you.’ He tries to climb down and falls, suffering minor wounds.

Falling Rules

This was the perfect opportunity to test the climbing and falling rules (see Core Rulebook, page 36). If a character fails an Athletics (climb) skill check twice in a row, he falls. A character suffers 1d Body damage if they fall one half to 1 cube (which is 5 to 10 meters or about 15 to 30 feet if you want to be silly and use imperial units). For every cube (10 meters/ca. 30 feet) they fall beyond that, the damage dice pool is doubled.

Byzi fell down about 10 meters; that’s one die. I rolled a 2, so he suffered 2 Body damage. The rules for falling, I think, are as simple as they can be considering damage needs to increase exponentially with distance fallen. So, I was happy with this.

As it turns out, our heroes are inept at estimating distances. Night is almost upon them when they reach the river, which is maybe a fourth of the march. Their food situation is not very good, especially considering they have another extremely long night ahead of them. Liam tries to catch some fish while Oberth makes camp on the river bank. Unfortunately, lacking proper equipment and skill, Liam catches nothing. Meanwhile, Byzi keeps watch; he discovers that the river is teeming with serpent-like crocodiles, perfectly camouflaged as driftwood. Still thinking of food, they try to shoot a few of the creatures with a blaster, but they’re too quick and small. They decide to rest, and Byzi takes first watch.

During his watch, Byzi sees something glow through the trees. As his watch progresses, it seems to draw closer. Finally, he sees the origins: luminous goo that crawls along the river banks at a steady pace. It is coming their way. Byzi uses his Sharp Eye power (see Core Rulebook, page 117) to determine that it has a Body level and a Soul level and is thus alive.

Byzi wakes up the others. Oberth and Liam fire their blasters at it, and they destroy a small portion of the goo, but the mass is much too large for them to be able to fully destroy. When the goo comes closer, they see it has small tendrils that reel in fish and other small organisms to feed on. It isn’t hostile toward our heroes--or at least, they are too far from the river bank for it to care about them--but they decide to leave anyway.

Luckily, the goo lights up the entire river bank, making it easy to continue along the river so long as they stay away from the goo.

Our heroes get to it.

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