In the last instalment of this log, our heroes got in trouble on the shuttle that helped them escape from BIG-16 and were exposed as escaped inmates...

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Day 5

After a full night’s rest, our heroes find themselves once again imprisoned. There is a soldier standing guard just outside the brig. Byzi and Oberth decide to try to get him to allow them to speak with the Captain. They try to persuade him, threaten him, bribe him, and lie to him, but the guard will have nothing of it.

Several hours after they’ve given up on their attempts to regain their freedom (for now), our heroes feel the space shuttle going through the motions of landing. About an hour later, an officer and four armed soldiers enter the brig to fit them with collars that annul magical effects and escort them off the shuttle. When they emerge from the shuttle, a bright light and a pleasant breeze meet them. After their eyes have adjusted to the light, Liam, Byzi, and Oberth find themselves in a military base on a planet unfamiliar to them. To their left is a blue sea, and a lush green jungle extends in all other directions.

The soldiers lead our heroes to one of the small prefab barracks that dot the military camp. Once inside, the escorting officer sits them down and asks them if they’ve ever heard of ‘Tranquil’. It rings a bell, but none of our heroes can truly recall what Tranquil is. The officer explains to them that Tranquil is where they are right now. It is a moon of Bellermacher III, and it is also known as the Gladiator Moon.

Byzi, who is familiar with this peculiar form of entertainment available to the elite of Bellermacher III, knows that the Gladiator Moon is host to gladiatorial games where teams of warriors (usually prisoners or slaves) are pitted against each other and the moon’s harsh environment. This is done for the entertainment of the wealthy, who pay good money to tune in to the satellites and camera feeds or to watch the highlights.

The officer explains that prisoners that demonstrate resourcefulness and exceptional ability are often sent to the Gladiator Moon, and that our heroes have been selected to participate. A telekinetic vehicle stands by to bring them to the walled-off area that serves as the arena.

Byzi tells the officer he’s making a big mistake; he worked for the Archon himself, and he, Oberth, and Liam are subject to a royal decree that requires them to be set free immediately. Byzi’s skill at manipulation causes some doubt with the officer, who decides to have them incarcerated at the camp until he has checked the story. The guards bring our heroes to a separate cell, where they are required to wait. After a while, the officer returns with a storm on his brow. He escorts our heroes to the vehicle and tells Byzi that he doesn’t like liars; as punishment, Byzi will get to keep his magic-annulling collar on during the games as well.

Our heroes are brought aboard the telekinetic vehicle. There is only one man guarding them, but he sits in the back of the vehicle and keeps his autoblaster aimed at them at all times. Byzi again makes several attempts to lie his way out of his predicament (first by saying that he saw a UFO crash on this road on their descent and that everyone is in peril, then by trying to convince the guard that he misunderstood his orders: he should remove their magic-annulling collars now). The guard tells him to shut up.

Blatantly untrue lies

At this point, there was a short discussion. Byzi’s player knew the guard did not have a high Perception skill level, because he had used his Sharp Eye power (see Core Rulebook, page 117) to gauge the man’s Soul level. His Manipulation skill level was too high for the guard to be able to see through Byzi’s lies.

It’s a discussion I’ve had before, but no matter how good a liar someone is, you cannot convince others of things that are blatantly untrue, as the Manipulation (lie) skill description says (see Core Rulebook, page 52).

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