Previously, our heroes cured Oberth of his infection with the Symbiont, preventing him from turning into a zombie. They then commandeered an armored vehicle to drive to the spaceport and escape BIG-16.

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Several minutes underway, another operator hails our heroes. Again, he demands an authorization code, and again, Byzi tries to bluff his way out; he acts like he’s top brass and demands an end to this harassment as he is simply trying to get to the spaceport for evac. The operator in the control center is having none of it and announces a vehicle is underway to inspect them.

Moments later, Byzi spots an inbound telecraft (a telekinetically powered flying craft). It hovers above the ATV and a voice on the radio demands our heroes bring their vehicle to a stop. Oberth, Liam, and Byzi comply, and a wave of drones surges down from the telecraft’s drone bay to inspect the ATV. The voice on the radio orders Oberth to lower the ATV’s ramp, and he complies. Drones flood into the passenger compartment and cabin and run scans on our heroes, who decide not to resist.

Shortly after, several soldiers come down from the telecraft. They disarm our heroes. The commanding officer asks Byzi who they are and what happened at the laboratory they came from. Byzi tries to lie, but the officer does not fall for it: he knows that they are prisoners and that they came from the laboratory. He gets our heroes down on their knees and makes a simple proposal: they can tell him everything they know about the laboratory and what happened there, and in exchange he will include them in the prisoner evacuation protocol; or they can tell him nothing and become just another trio of unfortunate casualties of this whole situation.

Byzi makes a counter-offer: include him, Liam, and Oberth in the personnel evacuation program, and he’ll spill his beans. The officer shrugs and agrees.

Byzi tells the officer what transpired at the laboratory. He leaves out that they are responsible for the release of the Symbiont, instead explaining that they were being experimented on and that they escaped when the Symbiont broke free. The officer, satisfied, has one of his men take control of the ATV to drive it back to base. He then returns to his telecraft, telling our heroes that ‘all personnel to be evacuated must report at the spaceport within the next two hours.’ He then flies off, leaving our heroes stranded on the asteroid without a possibility to get to the spaceport on time.

Our heroes have a heated debate about what to do: they are stranded without equipment, without weapons, and without transportation. There is no chance they’ll reach the spaceport in time for evacuation. Eventually, they decide to ‘try again’: They’ll go back to the warehouse and commandeer another ATV.

It takes our heroes an hour to struggle across the asteroid’s rough surface and return to the shuttle platform. Once they arrive, it becomes plain that there is no way to open the airlock from the outside. However, Oberth remembers that the landing platform on the roof has a cargo elevator. He imagines that this elevator may be accessible from the outside.

Since there is no gravity here, Oberth launches himself at the platform with a carefully calculated jump. He manages to grab hold of the platform’s ledge just before he drifts off into space and then hacks into the cargo elevator’s terminal and enters the warehouse. Since the warehouse is completely dark and Oberth has no light on him, he calls for the others to come up (they climb the building; easy enough as they are weightless), and they enter the warehouse together.

Our heroes quickly locate another ATV, but since they have no equipment at all, they decide to rummage through the crates in the warehouse in hopes of finding something useful. They find some weaponry--most of it is light, except for a crate full of single shot lance grenade launchers. They each take one with a bit of spare ammunition. They also find a quite valuable field ward generator; a magical device that creates a powerful ward that protects any within its radius (it increases the Hit Difficulty by 15). The ward is large enough to envelop the entire ATV. This device makes our heroes a lot more confident, as do the explosives. They now agree that, if they are again beset upon by security forces, they will attack and not surrender.

By the time our heroes are done, the window for personnel evacuation has closed. Regardless, our heroes decide to set course for the spaceport, hopeful that there will still be some way to get off the asteroid before it is overrun by the infected or destroyed by the approaching fleet.

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