Previously, our heroes encountered a riddle on a stone door beneath the keep. Hoping that solving the riddle will open the door, they get to work on finding the answer.

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After some time spent studying the rhymes, our heroes believe that they must be interpreted literally. The line “I begin time” is nothing lofty or esoteric; it simply refers to the letter “T”. Looking at all riddles in that manner, the answers are “T”, “E”, and “N” respectively. Our heroes figure the answer is “ten”. They place the 1 and the 0 in the slots below the door. They were right; the door unlocks.

The Second Riddle

I did not write the second riddle of the previous session, and I have no idea who did. I found it online. If it’s yours and you want to be credited or want it removed from here, please do let me know.

Behind the door is a large circular room with what seems to be a well at its center. A slab of stone, reinforced by iron, seals it off. Our heroes leave the well be for now and continue exploring the hallway that leads out of this room. They halt when they hear voices coming from deeper down the hallway. Zikan scouts ahead. He finds that several dozens of feet ahead, the corridor opens into a dark chamber. There is torture equipment here, and a guard is attending it.

Zikan sneaks back and reports. While our heroes discuss in hushed voices what to do, they hear footsteps coming their way from the direction where Zikan had seen the guard. Our heroes deduce the man is probably returning. They decide to intercept him.

Overpowering the guard is easy, and our heroes subject the man to questioning once they’ve secured him. They ask him what is beneath the stone lid in the circular chamber. The guard, scared to death by his captors, tells them it’s a gateway of sorts: it leads to a dark underworld and must be kept sealed. The guard then regains his composure and tells our heroes they should leave. Our heroes scoff at this and continue to press the man for more information regarding the keep. He keeps his lips sealed, however. In the end, Kaan kills him.

On his body, our heroes find a small vial filled with a murky red liquid. Erdan opens it and touches it: it is blood, and it is scalding hot. Erdan decides to keep the vial with him for now.

Having disposed of the guard, our heroes proceed deeper into the undercroft...

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