Last session, our heroes captured two pivotal figures in Codruscut’s illegal slaving ring. Now, they must take their prisoners back to the high priest...

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Day 69-76

Our heroes sail to Zece-Biserici with their prisoners Petros and Gavril tied to the ship’s mast. The trip is uneventful.

Day 77

Our heroes arrive at Zece-Biserici. Pilot ships guide them to the church’s private docks. From there, they take a gondola to the Maze Church, where they set up a meeting with High Priest Euclid. In the meanwhile, they have the guards escort their prisoners Gavril and Petros to a holding cell.

After a few hours, High Priest Euclid receives our heroes in his office. They have returned from Codruscut much sooner than he had expected, and he is keen to hear their story. Kaan takes the lead and tells Euclid of their adventure in Codruscut. He does not share the details of their torture of prisoner Petros.

Euclid listens calmly. When Kaan has related everything there is to tell, Euclid thanks them. Since they have brought in Gavril and Petros, two men who are apparently vital to the Codruscut slave ring, he considers their mission a great success. He will have his inquisitors tend to the men to see if there’s any more information to uncover. After that, Euclid will contact our heroes and discuss the outcome and if their assistance will be needed again. In the meanwhile, they’re free to use one of the official residences in the Maze, and the Church will provide victuals and whatever else they should need (within reason, of course).

Their mission concluded, our heroes use a meal at one of the upper-class taverns in the Maze and retreat to bed for some well-earned rest. Only Bogdan and Zikan decide to hang around in the city for a while in the slightly less luxurious part of the Maze district. They drink a few mugs of ale and listen to a bard’s performance. Bogdan, reminded of his days at the Monastery of the Hook by the music, drums along on his table, succeeding to disturb the performance more than anything else. Merrily inebriated, Zikan and Bogdan return home after tipping the bard.

Day 78

Bogdan’s drumming has impressed Zikan, who insists that Bogdan acquires a drum so that he can play for the group. Shortly after our heroes have purchased a drum for Bogdan, a messenger drops by and invites them to the Maze Church to speak with High Priest Euclid.

Our heroes proceed to the Maze, where they meet High Priest Euclid. The high priest takes them down to the dungeon where he shows them Petros, chained to the walls and tortured almost beyond recognition. High Priest Euclid proceeds to explain that his inquisitors were unable to question Gavril; the priest committed suicide in his holding cell. The inquisitors have, however, spent all night with Petros. High Priest Euclid believes that Petros has now revealed all he knows.

Petros has explained that the shipments of slaves to Codruscut began about a year ago. There were about three slaver ships that frequented the ports of Codruscut, resulting in about one or two shipments every month. Each shipment consisted of about ten to twenty slaves. Whenever a shipment would arrive, the slavers would notify Nicolae (who our heroes met and killed in this session), who would in turn notify Petros. After receiving Nicolae’s message, Petros would go to a tavern called the Bloodsong to meet with guardsman Ernos, who drank there every day, and set up an exchange. The exchange always took place outside the city walls in a drainage pipe that leads into the castle: Petros and the slavers would meet Ernos and his men there, hand over the slaves, and receive immediate payment. The drainage pipe is sealed off by an iron gate, but Petros has a key to its lock at his home in Codruscut.

From Petros’s story, it is clear to Euclid that powerful people are involved in the slave trade, and that the slaves--sometimes as many as thirty per month--were subject to an unknown fate.

Now that High Priest Euclid has learned all he can from the prisoners, it’s time for action. He would call upon our heroes’ help once more...

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