Previously, our heroes received their marching orders from High Priest Euclid: to gather information on the illegal slaving ring in Codruscut and even take it down if feasible. Our heroes set sail for Codruscut together with the latest addition to the group, Kaan...

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Day 58-65

Our heroes sail to Codruscut via the shoreline. This adds a few days to their journey, but should make their arrival less conspicuous. Most of our heroes pray at least once per day during their journey. At prayer, Kaan uses his ability to speak to others through telepathy to reinforce their beliefs. Most of our heroes accept ‘the voice in their head’ as a sign that they are doing the right thing.

Telepath power

Kaan used the Telepath power (see Core Rulebook, page 124), which allows a character to send a one-way message to anyone in sight at the cost of 1 Intellect. The power contains very few parameters. I’m keen to see in what ways it will be used; perhaps it will need to be nerfed a little in the next iteration of the Stage.

Erdan uses the time aboard the ship to brew more potions. He has by now become quite proficient, and has a pack full of various healing potions. Zikan spends his time walking on a tightrope to become more nimble and agile, while Bogdan meditates on effective fighting techniques. Razvan enjoys some time to quietly contemplate the world and his place in it.

Day 66

Our heroes arrive in the city of Codruscut in the morning. Their two sailors dock the ship alongside a free pier and head off to deal with the harbor master. Our heroes immediately head into town to find Gavril at the Patruturle Church. I’ve copied in a map of Codruscut below.


The Patruturle Church is located on Patruturle Place (number 12 on the map). The church has the shape of a cross and is made entirely of wood. The four steeples are fashioned into the skulls with daggers piercing them: the sacred symbols of the Church of the Undead God. Our heroes find Gavril--an elder, grizzled priest--inside and in between services. He receives them amicably and tells them he had already read of their coming in the High Priest’s letter. It would be best if they discuss matters in private. Our heroes agree, and Gavril takes them into a small side room where they can talk.

Gavril first tells our heroes that he was shocked when he learned of the illegal slaving ring in Codruscut. He asks if they have a plan to deal with it. Erdan says that there are two things that come to mind: 1) to check with the harbormaster--and bribe or intimidate him if necessary--if there have been any suspicious ships coming in recently, and 2) to check with the city guard if there are many missing persons.

While Gavril thinks this is a good idea, he emphasizes that Codruscut lies on the edge of the civilized world. It is almost an enclave in the wilderness, and many heathens live in the forests, hills, and mountains beyond. He believes those heathens practice slavery--they may even sacrifice such slaves to their dark gods. However, since the entire coast is under control of the kingdoms of the regelui, heathens have no access to ports that trade in slaves and must buy them clandestinely. Perhaps Codruscut is one of those covert marketplaces for slaves.

While Gavril talks, Kaan uses his psionic powers to probe Gavril’s mind.

Leveled spellcasting checks

Kaan used the Reading spell (see Core Rulebook, page 178) to read his target’s surface emotions. This spell requires a leveled check: the spellcaster must distribute his dice pool to ‘hit’ his target with the first roll and then defeat his target’s Intellect + Sanity with the second roll. As such, Psions at the beginning of their careers stand little chance to successfully cast this spell. Kaan had to try several times before he got a result.

This is a mechanic that I intend to change in the next iteration of the Stage. I feel that, for spells such as this, it should be either of the two--‘hit’ your target or defeat his Intellect + Sanity--but not both.

After several attempts, Kaan finds out that Gavril’s surface emotion during this discussion is fear. Kaan keeps this to himself for now.

Finally, Gavril tells our heroes that he has made a house available for them in the extramural Westgate quarter off Iron Street. While it is not a luxurious dwelling, it is a normal place for pilgrims to stay and a place that will draw no attention. He will have a priest bring them there. If there is anything else he can do to assist them, they need but ask.

Our heroes thank Gavril for his time and his help, and then follow the priest to their dwelling in Westgate...

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