Previously, our heroes were ambushed in the night by a lich and her skeletal minions. With the lich out of the way, the way lies open to the village of Faire Ghealach...

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Having won the day, our heroes scavenge the battlefield. Foremost among the loot is the lich’s armor: a spiked hauberk of dragon scales with fire resistance and a horned helmet still lie in the heap of ash that was once her body. Both Aran and Lorin express interest in the items. Lorin proposes they’ll distribute it later. For now, Lorin will lend Aran his fandenhuler steel byrnie, while Lorin himself will wear the dragonscale armor. Aran is satisfied with that deal.

The remainder of the night passes calmly.

Day 60

In the morning, our heroes reach Faire Ghealach’s plateau. There are traces of burn-and-slash agriculture. In the distance, they see men and women working the land. Faire Ghealach is a crannog village situated on a small lake, although a few buildings stand on the shores. As soon as the villagers see our heroes approach, a group of hunters comes their way to greet them.

The hunters bring our heroes before the three leaders of the village: a grizzled but strong ulder man, a lob--alps that live underground--and a wodegette who seems quite preoccupied with himself. Our heroes, unburdened by false modesty, introduce themselves as dragonslayers. The village leaders introduce themselves as Cowyn of Clan Urloch, who leads the ulder; Roth Perkin, who leads the alps; and Aakki Aakku, who leads the gettefolk. After introductions, Cowyn demands a gift in return for their safe passage into the village and access to its services.

Lorin, the only one who speaks Ard’Teanga, explains that they slew the worm in the etter fort of Tharasyx, and that they met Cowyn’s brother, Siois. Cowyn seems unimpressed; he asks them if they have proof that they slew the beast, but our heroes unfortunately left their trophies on the ship. They begin discussing among each other what to do.

Cowyn, of course, does not appreciate foreigners reluctant to gift him anything and who, on top of that, speak in foreign tongues in his presence. He grows angry and demands a gift this instance, or they will be evicted from Faire Ghealach. Our heroes begin discussing again, and now Cowyn angrily slams his fist on the armrest of his throne, saying that this is an insult. Quickly, and with Wenning’s approval, our heroes offer him the head of Farhast the Bastardspawn as a gift. Cowyn thinks it is a poor gift, but in the end accepts it.

With the cold out of the air, Lorin gets to bragging. He tells Cowyn that they chanced upon the lich and killed it, as proven by his wearing the lich’s armor. At this, all those assembled in the mead hall fall silent. Roth Perkin, the alp leader, rises from his chair and thanks our heroes for this great service, then asks Cowyn to return the dragon’s skull to them: they have already paid their toll by killing the lich. Cowyn reluctantly agrees.

Our heroes ask if there is anyone in the village who can help their wounded fellow, Sykke. Aakki Aakku studies Sykke’s wounds and concludes they are beyond the medicine of Faire Ghealach. The villagers can care for Sykke, but they cannot cure him. The only one who had the skill to do so was the lich Bronach Oriain, and she would never have helped them anyway.

After this, our heroes sit down in the mead hall and discuss their plans. They agree that it would be wise to go down to Bronach Oriain’s tomb to see if there are any valuables there or something that might help treat Sykke. They also want to find a replacement for Sykke (or, in the event he recovers, an extra man). They agree to stick around Faire Ghealach for now (they are welcome to sleep on the straw in the mead hall, where it is warm and safe) and interview a few of the hunters who will come by to drink tonight and see if there is anyone who might be of help.

In the meanwhile, Wisse and Ena go talk to Aakki Aakku, ever eager to find practitioners of magic to learn from. They ask if he would like to accompany them on their quest. Aakki Aakku doesn’t seem very interested, nor is he clear about whether he can practice magic. He answers questions with questions (“Are you a mage?” answered by “What is a mage other than a conduit?”). In the end, they tire of him and leave him be to go talk to Roth Perkin. Roth Perkin tells them Aakki Aakku is a druid, but he knows only of herbs and potions; no one in Faire Ghealach practices magic. Sensing a bit more of a bond with Roth Perkin, Wisse invites him to come along tomorrow when they go to Bronach Oriain’s tomb, but Roth Perkin politely declines.

When evening comes, many hunters come to the mead hall. Ena uses his Sharp Eye power (See Core Rulebook, page 117) on a promising prospect, a young lob. He finds the lob has a Body level of 8, a Mind level of 7, and a Soul level of 5. Wisse and Lorin go speak with the lob to see if he can be persuaded--and at what cost--to join the mission. The lob, Lik Haskin, reckons himself one of the finest hunters in Faire Ghealach. He is interested in joining the hunt for Jotte, but he is also interested in getting passage off Arrverden and to Sorwic. However, Wisse and Lorin remain vague as to what exactly they can offer him, and Lik in the end demands to hear an amount. Lorin and Wisse tell him to wait while they discuss it with their boss. They also ask Lik for others who might be interested. Lik points them to Tyryp Urloch, Cowyn’s nephew, who is the best archer in all Arrverden.

Our heroes discuss among each other what reward they should offer newcomers. Wenning is clear: he has his 25%. If others join, then their pay will come out of the remainder. Wisse doesn’t think that is entirely fair; they’re in it together, and if they hire extra help, it’s in everyone’s interest. Wisse explains this to Wenning, who sees his point and then offers 1% out of his share for a newcomer. The others then agree that the maximum reward for newcomers will be 6% total.

Lorin and Wisse return to Lik and offer him 5%. Initially, they try to offer him only a part of the payout they’ll receive for the blood, hide, and bones of Jotte, but Lik insists on a share in the total loot from the dragon hoard. And he will not accept 5%; he wants 10%. Our heroes tell him that that is too much; it is 5% or no deal. Lik will think it over.

In the meanwhile, Lorin and Wisse go talk to Tyryp. Tyryp is interested, but he wants a fair and equal share of everything. To him, that means 11.1% as there are 9 people in the group. He will not settle for anything less. Lorin and Wisse try to get him to agree to a bet in which he’ll have to show his prowess and compete with Halred, their best archer. If Tyryp wins, he gets his 11.1%; if Halred wins, he settles for 5. Tyryp declines: he’s happy to demonstrate his abilities, but he’s not betting. They must either accept or leave him alone.

Our heroes leave him be.

Lik, however, comes looking for them a moment later: he accepts their offer and joins the band!


As always, we had good fun. The players received 120 Character Points. This brings their total to 1,040, settling them comfortably in the early mid-game. There were a few findings this session:

  • Dropping a weapon is a 0-AP action, but can you do it on another character’s turn (as an interruption)? This is especially relevant for characters who wish to assist others and need empty hands to do so.
  • I need to consider increasing the Difficulty for the Medicine (reanimate) skill check. Alternatively, I can consider a penalty for the reanimated character if the check succeeds.
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