Last time, our heroes met dragon hunter Wenning Tharkin and agreed to accompany him on a dragon hunt commissioned by the king. Now, it's time for their final preparations.

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Day 16

Wisse and Ena spend their day studying at the Warlanskol. Lorin and Halred join them to discuss what magical supplies the Bloodmages of the Warlanskol can offer. They eventually buy a series of enchantments that grant temporary immunity to fire. This costs them a considerable amount of money, but they reckon the investment worth it. Lorin also purchases a leather coat with a sponge filling that he can easily soak in water to provide some extra protection from the flames that Jotte might spew at him.

Day 17-20

The following few days are uneventful: Ena and Wisse study at the Warlanskol with varying degrees of success, but end up with a lot of new spells. Halred and Lorin do some minor shopping.

When Ena and Wisse’s last day at the Warlanskol is done, they decide to go to the western harbor of Sorwic and see if they can find out a little more about their competitors. Lorin and Halred join them, and they make their way to the Pig and the Wolf, the tavern where most of the dragon hunters stay.

Inside, they find Alfthyr. He is surrounded by several strong men, and they drink, laugh, and sing. Wisse decides to try to sneak up on him, to see how far he can get before the large man spots him, although he’s not sure what he’ll do when he gets to him: it is clear that Alfthyr is a very strong man.

Gauging strength

Ena used his Sharp Eye power (see Core Rulebook, page 117) to gauge Alfthyr’s Body, Mind, and Soul levels. He found out these are 15, 9, and 12 respectively, which is very high. To compare, the raiders they fought had 7, 2, and 2.

Alfthyr sees Wisse sneak up on him soon enough. He beckons Wisse to come over for a chat. When Wisse says he is a dragon hunter, Alfthyr invites him to come drink with him. He even gives him a few simple pointers, and they part ways friendly enough. Our heroes return to the Stormcloud afterwards to get some sleep.

Day 21-24

Some time relaxing at the Stormcloud...

Wisse donates a goldmark to the Baldarsgatan orphanage to help the children find a teacher, and our heroes venture out to the stone circles outside of Sorwic together to sacrifice a goat and a chicken to Wuraf, the Wendel of the hunt and protector of the alps and gettefolk, and ask for his blessing. Wisse, who wants to live up to the dragon hunter image, gets a haircut--a braided mohawk--and a tattoo with Wuraf’s blessing from the druids.

At the end of the twenty-fourth day, Wenning visits our heroes and announces the commission will be final in two days, which means they’ll sail in two days. The players head over to his ship to spend the last two days in Sorwic ready to sail, keen to begin their new adventure.


Another fun session, albeit one with a lot of administrative stuff and wrap-ups of the previous quest. Hopefully, we'll get some more action next time! The players received 80 Character Points each, bringing the total to 820 Character Points. This brings the mid-game a lot closer, which should be interesting.

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