Previously, our heroes made port in Sorwic and received the king's gratitude for their work on Svarttand. They enjoy some downtime, but adventure soon beckons...

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Day 14 (continued)

After they do some shopping, Wisse and Ena head for the Warlanskol. They show the sealed letter that Aldrek gave them, and the Bloodmages of the Warlanskol reluctantly admit them, albeit under escort. Since Wisse cannot read, the escort shall double as his tutor to help him acquire the spells that he would like.

In the meanwhile, Halred and Lorin explore Sorwic for a bit. They end up at the western harbor. There is a great commotion there: several men have gathered around a painted, muscular, red-haired warrior with armor made of dragon bone and steel plate. At his side is a mighty sword of dragon teeth, bone, and steel. He is having a discussion with a man likewise clad in armor adorned with the teeth, bones, and hide of dragons. They seem to be trading insults and boasts.

After a heated exchange, the crowd breaks up. Among them is a bergewose alp in a chainmail hauberk, with an expensive bow, wearing a steel helm with dragon wings. Halred introduces himself and asks what those men were discussing.

The alp’s name is Wenning Tharkin, and he tells Halred and Lorin that he is a dragon hunter, as are the two men who were arguing. The red-haired warrior is Alfthyr of the Steadfolk, who has killed three dragons, and the other is Hording the Swimmer, who has killed two. Their exchange was the banter of competitors, because the king has commissioned a hunt for the mighty dragon named Jotte, who lives on the far northwestern island of Arrverden, and who has giants as servants. As is customary, several bands of dragon hunters will form over the coming days, each of which will compete to hunt and kill the dragon. The dragon hunt is done mainly for the spoils: bones, teeth, blood, and scales are all very valuable; the king desires such spoils and the winner may expect a sweet price on top of the commission.

Halred, a passionate hunter himself, is very much interested in this endeavor. He tells Wenning of their own hunt on the Konetyven on Svarttand. Wenning is impressed and asks Halred if he should like to join the hunt for Jotte. They head into a tavern to discuss it further.

Halred and Lorin find out that Wenning used to serve under Alfthyr and used the proceeds of the last hunt (the only hunt he participated in so far) to set up for himself. He has no companions yet, and he is very interested in meeting Lorin and Halred’s friends. Halred, excited by the prospect, invites Wenning to drop by their inn--the Stormcloud--tomorrow evening. They will eat together and discuss the matter of the dragon hunt.

In the evening, Halred tells Wisse and Ena about the dragon hunt. Wisse is eager to participate: he is impressed by King Bern Rodriksonn, who he finds both just and kind, and he would happily serve in a hunt commissioned by such a man. Ena wonders about the moral implications of hunting a conscious creature such as a dragon but is intrigued nonetheless.

After dinner, they go to bed, each with a mind full of potential adventure...

Day 15

In the morning, our heroes go to the standing stones north of Sorwic where the druids practice their rituals and worship the Wendel. They sacrifice a chicken to Skolla, Goddess of the Sea, to thank her for their safe passing over the Sea of Ice. They also purchase healing supplies from the druids.

Our heroes rest at the standing stones overlooking the city of Sorwic


Wisse and Ena spend the remainder of their day studying at the Warlanskol, while Lorin and Halred relax in the tavern and around town.

Ena uses some of his spare time at the Warlanskol to research dragons. He finds out that there are many different types of dragons, but all can breathe fire, lightning, or frost. Jotte is a fire-breather. Ena also finds out that dragons used to live on Adelfan, but they left when the Etter invaded centuries ago. Some sources claim that dragons are evil, that they are Hulderfolk who have severed their connection with the Spirit Realm in exchange for power in the Material World. Other sources say that evil inclinations vary per dragon.

When the day’s labors are done, our heroes convene at the Stormcloud for their meeting with Wenning Tharkin, the dragon hunter...

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