Last time, our heroes managed to shake a raider ship through a brave and inventive ruse. Now, the sea to Adelfan lies open to them...

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Halwr’s Spear leaves the damaged raider ship behind, and Captain Halvhand profoundly thanks Lorin and Wisse for their bravery in executing their clever teleportation ruse. He is in their debt for saving his ship, his passengers, and their cargo. If they ever decide how he can repay them, he will gladly do so.

After the victory, our heroes and several of Halwr’s Spear’s crewmen discuss what to do next: should they turn around and help the other ships with Svarttand’s refugees or should they count their blessings and proceed to port. Captain Halvhand ends the discussion: he says that they wouldn’t stand a chance against a little under sixty raiders: their resources are spent, and they are in no shape to fight. The others agree, albeit reluctantly, and Halwr’s Spear continues on its way to Sorwic.

Day 12-14

The rest of the journey is thankfully uneventful. On the morning of the fourteenth day after she made port in Svarttand, Halwr’s Spear finally reaches the bustling harbor of the grand city of Sorwic on Adelfan, which lies in a bend of the river Fluwaling just beyond the estuary where it flows into the Sea of Cairns. The city is one of the largest our heroes have ever seen: a sprawling hub of mostly wooden houses, enclosed by a stone wall with a moat and laced with canals crowded with small ships and rowboats. At the center of the city stands a massive keep of black stone laced with green veins: the players know this is the Djortor, seat of the king of Oesrike, which in the tongue of the ulder--who ruled Sorwic when its name was still Cromnech--is called the Tuir’Deora.

As they make port, Captain Halvhand tells our heroes the king must receive word of the events on Svarttand: Bjorn Lodesonn was one of his bannermen, Svarttand a fief he held in the king’s name. As such, the king should know the fate of his man and his holdings. Perhaps, Captain Halvhand adds, the king will reward those who bring him the news, even if the news be ill. Our heroes agree to go with him, and they depart for the Djortor immediately after making port in Sorwic. They say their goodbyes to Erskin, who tells Lorin that--should he ever need some real mercenary work--he can come visit him at a Sorwic inn called the Baying Cat.

Captain Halvhand leads our heroes to the Djortor, a strong and practical keep rather than a fancy palace. An elder man receives them. Judging by his scars, he must have seen his share of battles. This man, Aldrek, leads them to the modest throne room where King Bern Rodriksonn holds court. Bern Rodriksonn is a warrior-king, strong and with well-honed weapons always within arm's reach. His counselors and thanes are no different. He welcomes our heroes and Captain Halvhand to his court and then bids they speak their minds.

Captain Halvhand does the talking until the time comes to tell of our heroes’ second expedition to Svarthold keep. Since Captain Halvhand was not present for that expedition, he asks the players to tell the tale. Everyone looks to Lorin as their spokesman, who tells the king of what they found at Svarthold keep and what they uncovered about the demon seeress Eris, the witch Olwyn the Blood-Red, and the dark union that resulted in the Konetyven, the creatures that terrorized Svarttand and eventually took it over. (See the campaign log for session 2 for details.)

King Bern Rodriksonn hears Lorin out and finally thanks them all for coming to him with this news and braving the many dangers they faced on Svarttand and on their way to Sorwic. He sends his counselor Aldrek off with two of his thanes to discuss what to do about Svarttand. In the meanwhile, he would reward them for their loyalty and perseverance. He asks them what they would ask of their king as a reward.

Ena and Wisse--ever eager for arcane knowledge--ask the king if there is any way he can help them procure more spells. The king can offer them access to the library of the Warlanskol, but they must wait for Aldrek to return, as he is the one who deals with the Warlanskol and can explain them what aid the king’s favor may grant them there.

Lorin, Halred, and Captain Halvhand ask the king if they may choose anything of their liking from his armory. King Bern consents and has one of his servants show them to the armory. Captain Halvhand chooses a sword of Fandenhuler steel, Halred a nice pair of boots and a composite bow with several quivers of broadhead arrows, and Lorin a strong mace. Lorin also asks Captain Halvhand if he would be willing to trade the Fandenhuler chainmail hauberk he took from Svarthold Keep with Lorin’s byrnie as a reward for his aid in saving Halwr’s Spear. Captain Halvhand agrees; the debt between the two men is thereby settled.

When Aldrek returns, King Bern asks him to help Ena and Wisse with their request to gain access to the Warlanskol’s library. Aldrek explains the Warlanskol is a magical college in Sorwic that specializes in Infusion magic, but it has tomes and volumes on much more than just that. Since the Warlanskol is not the king’s to command, all Aldrek can offer is to pull a few favors and offer them access for a period of maybe six days. Wisse and Ena are happy enough with that. Finally, Aldrek says the king will also be happy to pay for their stay and that of their friends in Sorwic during those six days. He also tells them that--if they need weapons or armor--they are welcome to buy from the castle smith, who is the best smith in Sorwic. If they tell him Aldrek sent them, the smith will offer fair prices. Our heroes thank Aldrek for his help and bid him farewell. Should they ever need work, Aldrek says, they should certainly come looking for him at the Djortor: the king is always looking for capable men, and they have more than proven their mettle.

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