On the great plains of the Empire of Oest live the Oestgette--known in the north as the Väli: nomadic tribes that live under the peace of the Oestefolk, but retain their own traditions. We follow one of them--Laulja--as he trains to become the shaman of his tribe.

It's time for a new story set in the world of Verden! Deka is one of the Ettergette, a descendant of the goat-like people who were enslaved and magically altered by the Etter in centuries past. Join him as he searches forbidden libraries in a quest for secret and arcane knowledge!

Brace yourself for another story of weird aliens in the Spine. . . This time, we get around to the Spinners, a species of mantis-like arthropods, quick and strong hunters who climb walls and cliffs as effortlessly as they speed over land. 

This week we start a new story in the Verden setting! The Krigsgette are a strong warrior branch of the giant goat-people known as Gettefolk. We accompany a Krigsgette mercenary on a sea journey under the cover of night to Broenwic, the City of Bridges. . .

In this week's story we accompany a cloned human soldier and her AI colleague on a military expedition against a world of the Priests, an enigmatic race of near-immortal, crystalline beings that control many star systems in the Spine.

This week, we return to the Spine for another short story of science fantasy. We accompany a fungal creature, whose race is known as 'the Mold', as it rides a Great Beast through a star system, underway to a mysterious exchange.

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