Previously, our heroes were put to work operating mining drones in prison facility BIG-16. Liam and Byzi tried to use the drones to sabotage the mining operations. Unfortunately, one of the prison guards caught them and they were apprehended after a minor scuffle...

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Liam and Byzi are brought before an officer in an interrogation room. They explain that what happened with the mining drones was an accident. The officer lets them off with a warning, but not before he tells them that prisoners on BIG-16 only prosper when they try to be more useful to the facility alive than dead. The guards that return Byzi and Liam to their workstations, however, decide that Liam needs a little more punishment than just a stern word from an officer; they proceed give him a beating. Liam receives a blow to the stomach with a baton, and is in pain throughout the rest of the day, certain that he has suffered some sort of internal injury.

After work, our heroes ride the teletrain back to the canteen. A little investigating by Byzi and Liam reveals that there are no sensors in the teletrain carriages that carry them to and fro. Certain that they are not being monitored, Liam and Byzi use this opportunity to discuss possible escapes. They try to convince Oberth to join them, but Oberth still doesn’t trust them and tells them to back off.

After supper, the inmates are returned to their cells. Byzi tries to talk to 332, the clone that joined them the previous night. He tries to convince 332 to join their attempt to escape, but 332 is skeptical. Byzi then asks if 332 can at least help to remove the magic-annulling bracers. 332 Says he might know someone who can do that, but what will 332 get in return? Byzi says he is an influential man in the Monarchy, and that he will make 332 rich if they manage to escape together. 332 Is not impressed; if Byzi is so influential and powerful, then how did he end up imprisoned?

Byzi becomes frustrated with their lack of progress and takes it out on Oberth. Byzi intimidates Oberth, saying that if he won’t help Byzi escape, he can sleep on the floor. Oberth complies, leaving the bed to Byzi.

When everyone turns in for the night, Oberth has trouble sleeping on the cold floor. He lies awake, and finally spots movement outside of their cell, he ventures a little closer to the forcefield to watch. While trying to get a better view, he unconsciously places his hand on the forcefield and gets a nasty jolt.

Botches all around

The dice seemed to really hate the players this session. Byzi’s player rolled nothing but 1, and the forcefield jolt was the result of a 1 on Oberth’s player’s die roll.

The other prisoners wake up when Oberth cries out in pain. Byzi tries to make use of this moment of weakness: he offers Oberth the bed so that he may rest and regain his strength--on the condition that he helps Byzi and Liam escape. Oberth, shocked from his experience with the forcefield, and just about done with this place, gets angry and tells Byzi to back off. Liam now gets up from his bunk, flexes his muscles, and gives Oberth a simple choice: help him and Byzi escape, or die in this place. And if Oberth doesn’t choose the former, Liam’s happy to speed up the process of the latter. When he hears this exchange, 332 offers Oberth his protection. However, since Oberth trusts 332 even less than he trusts Byzi and Liam, he agrees to help Byzi and Liam.

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