In the previous session, our heroes arrived in Zece-Biserici and met its spiritual ruler, High Priest Euclid. They reported on the illegal slave trading in Codruscut. Euclid vowed action and asked them to return in two days to further discuss the matter...

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Day 55-56

Our heroes have two days to spend in Zece-Biserici before High Priest Euclid expects to see them again. Razvan spends this time by visiting the many libraries of the Seven Spires University to study and learn a few new spells. Bogdan joins him, but instead spends most of his time learning about the martial traditions of the worshipers of the Undead God, mainly those of the monks who--as Damas did--disavowed weapons and fight only unarmed. He learns these orders originated in the monastery of Mormânt. Incidentally, this monastery is also where the Sepulcher of Damas is allegedly located, although many scholars--especially foreign ones--dispute this.

Zikan spends his time replenishing his ammunition stock and practicing his shooting. Erdan, the budding chemist, brews healing potions for the group, using a new alchemy set given to him by the High Priest.

In the evening of the second day, a runner from the Maze arrives to deliver a message: Euclid expects to see them the following morning.

Day 57

Our heroes report to High Priest Euclid in the early morning. One of the High Priest’s servants leads them to Euclid’s office, where they find the young High Priest in the company of an elder, grizzled qarim. Euclid introduces the qarim as Kaan.

New character

Kaan is the latest addition to our group, played by the guy who previously played Cipran, who died sword-in-hand last session. Kaan is an akrepim--a magically apt sub-race of the small, cat-like qarim--and has knowledge of psionics.

Euclid tells our heroes that he has managed to discuss the slave ring in Codruscut with King Casimir. Together, they have decided to act as this travesty cannot be allowed to continue. Kaan, who is a member of the inquisition of the Church of Damas, has accepted a mission to go to Codruscut and get to the bottom of this matter. Euclid asks if our heroes--since they have been to Codruscut before and have experience in dealing with the matter--are willing to accompany him.

Everyone accepts, happy to be able to do some serious work for the church and at the same time fight slavery. Euclid thanks them for their continued support, faith, and service, and then goes on to explain the exact details of the mission: he wants our heroes to find out who’s behind the slave ring. If opportune, they may even shut it down, but Euclid will be more than content if they return to Zece-Biserici with valuable information that will allow further action.

Unfortunately, Euclid has virtually no connections in the city of Codruscut, except for the high priest of that city, Gavril. Euclid has sent Gavril a letter to announce the coming of Kaan and his company and to ask Gavril to render what support he may to their mission. Euclid suggests that they should begin their inquiry there; Gavril will have local connections and will be able to aid them in their investigation. He will also set them up with a place to stay, supplies, and whatever else they may need.

Finally, Euclid emphasizes that Codruscut is an independent kingdom. The church of Damas does have spiritual authority there, but the king of the Confederation of Biser is powerless within that kingdom’s borders. However, the queen of Codruscut is weak, complacent, and does little to maintain order in her city. She also pays tribute to the Empire of Oest, the dominant superpower of the Deniza Sea. This is detestable, as the people of Oest are poising themselves for war with the Confederation of Biser. Because of all this, they should be careful: a potential slave ring is officially a matter of the kingdom of Codruscut and not of the church: the church is overstepping its authority here...

The newly formed company--Kaan, Erdan, Zikan, Razvan, and Bogdan--understand and take note of this. They discuss their course of action with Euclid, who suggests that they keep a low profile and pose as pilgrims: Codruscut is home to the Patruturle, a famous church that is part of an accepted route of pilgrimage. Euclid will supply them with a simple river barge and two sailors to take them there. Their own ship can remain in Zece-Biserici for the time being. In terms of rewards, our heroes may consider themselves full members of the church, which looks out after its own, if they accept this mission. The resources of the church will be, within reason, at their disposal.

With all matters discussed and a clear mission before them, our heroes set out from Zece-Biserici. The journey will take them a few days longer, as their small ship cannot go out onto the open sea, but that will aid them in keeping a low profile.

Our heroes depart for adventure at once.

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